Ukraine begins trial against alleged Russian troops

Russia on Monday said it would close its airspace to Ukrainian airlines from October 25 in reprisal for a ban that Ukraine has slapped on two Russian firms.


But then the music changed.

Seating in the assembly hall had been allocated on a random basis but by chance the Ukrainian side had been given seats within 10 meters of the speaker, meaning that they would have been in the front row for Putin’s speech.

“This is not the end of the war, ” he said, “but instead a change in tactics”.

But it is very unlikely that Russian Federation was behind it, and Mr Poroshenko should know that.

That development shattered Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambition of reuniting the former Soviet republics into a single political and economic union with the clout to challenge Washington and Brussels. Military spokesman Vladislav Seleznev said the clash had occurred between “about 14” Russian soldiers and members of Ukraine’s 92nd brigade, one of whom died in the battle.

Prosecutors have signalled they will ask the judge to jail the men for life – a decision that has only stoked Moscow’s fury at Kiev’s pro-Western leadership.

Kosovo came under United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation administration after a 1999 NATO-led air war halted a crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists, but its final status was left in question.

Russian Federation has been carrying out a military buildup in Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad, its longstanding ally.

According to the president, Ukraine’s contribution “to the maintenance of global peace and security provides us with moral grounds to count on the same assistance from the Organization [the UN].” .

The news comes after the two countries agreed a EU-brokered deal to supply gas to Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.

Those goals are now accomplished.

Ukraine doesn’t rule out the possibility of Russian Federation using special operations, fire strikes, and non-military means. “We are the only country in Europe that is not afraid of Russian Federation”. The White House said it would focus on Ukraine and getting Moscow to live up to a fragile peace plan.

It went on providing essential transit facilities for the American troops withdrawing from Afghanistan.


Ukrainian authorities are driving their own citizens into transport isolation. – Putin gives the war party a bootin’ .

AN-124 acompained with two SU-27 fighter jets