Ukrainian leader tells United Nations not to trust ‘conciliatory’ Russian Federation

He also said it’s fighting Ukraine by “financing terrorists and mercenaries, and [by] supplies of arms and military equipment to illegal armed groups”.


“We have informed in a written statement all Russian companies that have been included in the published list”, an aviation official said.

UNITED NATIONS-International sanctions on Russian Federation must stay in place or be strengthened if Moscow fails to fully implement February’s cease-fire accord, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Tuesday, as he slammed the Kremlin’s credentials for leading a global fight against terror.

But Poroshenko’s greatest concern is that Ukraine’s struggles have fallen off the political radar as a disjointed Europe faces a refugee crisis and Washington tries to counteract Russia’s stepped up military presence in Syria.

Chief of staff Peter Altmaier acknowledged that Russian Federation, which is subject to USA and European Union sanctions because of its annexation of Crimea and backing for Ukrainian separatist rebels, has an important role to play in Syria.

He also called upon the United Nations to launch a worldwide campaign to pressure Russian authorities to immediately release all Ukrainian citizens who have been held hostage or sentenced.

Russian prosecutors have denied that she was smuggled across the border.

On Tuesday, Ukraine’s government opened its trial against two men accused of being active-duty Russian servicemen when they were captured fighting alongside separatists forces in the country’s east in May. Russia’s Defense Ministry, however, said they had resigned from active duty in December. Surprisingly, there has been no ceasefire violation in eastern Ukraine since September 1.

“My country is the subject of external aggression”, he said, naming Russian Federation and calling for support from the entire worldwide community.

Aside from the Russian war, Poroshenko asked for a special session of the General Assembly next April to mark the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl nuclear power plant explosion and the environmental damage that still needs to be cleaned up.


Savchenko has spent over a year in jail waiting to be tried and has protested against her detention by going on hunger strike for more than 80 days. At least 8,000 people have been killed in the conflict.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addresses attendees during the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly at the U.N. Headquarters in New York