United Kingdom gender pay gap obvious across most sectors

Over 10pc of female staff earned bonuses past year compared to just 8pc of men, but men outnumber women throughout the company, from the boardroom down, making up 65.6pc of the workforce.


Media captionGender pay gap: What do women think? The middle market women’s wear brand Karen Millen pays women 49 percent less than men on a median hourly basis, meaning that, companywide, men’s median pay was double that of women. The figures revealed that 78% of organisations pay men more than women on average. The minority of male employees, on the other hand, work mainly in head office-based roles, which typically tend to be higher paid.

By contrast women employees of EI’s fully managed Bermondsey pub chain are paid seven per cent less than men. Ryanair has a total of 554 United Kingdom pilots, of which 546 are men and just eight are women.

She said: “85 per cent of our workforce are female and we are proud that women are well represented across all our pay quartiles including the most senior roles in the organisation”.

With research by McKinsey & Company suggesting that eliminating the gender pay gap could add £150bn to annual GDP by 2025, Karen Gill, co-founder of female development group Everywoman, said employers needed to make “real, transparent commitments” to improving gender parity. “Employers should go a step further and determine if women have the same opportunities as man for advancement at the organization”.

The figures also show that men in Dartford And Gravesham NHS Trust were more likely to receive a bonus than women.

On average, in the public sector men are paid 14.9 per cent more than women.

The gender pay gap at Rother District Council has been revealed this week. For more on the matter you can take a look via this link.

In Ireland, the Government has committed to the introduction of mandatory gender pay gap reporting legislation similar to the UK Regulations. Too often they don’t get considered for better paid roles, and because they don’t get the same chances as men, they lose the aspiration to apply for the higher paid jobs. However, when compensable factors such as experience, industry and job level are taken into account, women earn 97.8 cents for every dollar earned by their male peers for doing the same work (i.e. the “controlled” pay gap).

Following the public consultation process past year, Minister Stanton confirmed that the Government will bring forward amendments to the Private Members Bill initiated by Senator Ivana Bacik, the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission (Gender Pay Gap Information) Bill 2017.

“These figures are a clear challenge to do more”, she said.


“In SKDC’s case, the difference is partly due to the gender balance within certain teams, for example, our street care team consists of a large proportion of men, while the majority of our customer services team are women”.

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