United Nations chief on migrant crisis: Dont build walls or exploit fears

France has raised the idea of safe zones at this week’s United Nations general assembly, as a possible solution to the influx of refugees that has set off a political crisis in Europe. Even as they trooped to the Entebbe global airport, Amin’s soldiers robbed them along the way by opening their suitcases and taking whatever they wanted.


Lebanon’s capacity to respond to the crisis has steadily diminished. Almost 3 000 died or went missing trying the often treacherous crossing. For example, in Hungary, we are now seeing pushbacks: Razor-wire fences are being built on its borders with its neighbors, and border guards are sometimes forcibly pushing people back with water cannons and have been authorized to use rubber bullets. “They were not made only by Europe“.

The term “migrant”…[covers] all cases where the decision to migrate is taken freely by the individual concerned, for reasons of “personal convenience” and without intervention of an external compelling factor. So it actually would be correct – at least more correct than anything else – to refer to the current European crisis as an “asylum-seeker crisis“.

Germany also invited Austria, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates to join the meeting. Hence, to reduce the future suffering of millions of refugees, the root causes must be addressed.

Today, Europe is stuck with a refugee crisis of an untold magnitude, all because of the war triggered by the USA in its bid to control the world and indeed to steal and pocket all natural resources that matter. Many of our residents feel deep empathy for these older Syrians and I am confident they will welcome them with open arms.

As officials in high-level meetings discuss quotas on our bodies and humanities, debate how to better govern our misery, posture on whose drones will kill more efficiently and whose walls are the highest, we must affirm a vision for self-determination. “People across Syria are counting on it”.

“Such fear, is unwilling to return to it” Hence, the conditions for which refugees fleeing Syria appear in harmony with the contents of this clause.

Q: What do you make of Hungary’s response to the crisis? And yet, determined leaders in the United States and Europe helped force action that saved lives. The already incredibly generous to migrants, and settling Syrians here is not the most cost-effective or sensible way for us to help. The Clarion Project reported that Bulgarian police had seized boxes of counterfeit Syrian passports, a full 10,000 of them, and that a fake Syrian passport can be sold for $1,500. And the stories people bring are different too.

A Syrian operative told Buzzfeed that around 4,000 “refugees” loyal to ISIS have been smuggled into Western nations – “Just wait” he smiled (reported by

Assad and his family feel the same way.

Humanitarian groups have partnered with community organizations to improve basic services and expand sports and other programs to help ease tensions. This is the Canadian way. They included many Germans expelled from eastern Europe, and other people fleeing newly installed communist governments.

Refugees trek across the Greek island of Lesbos after landing in a small boat launched from a Turkish beach. Canada also has large numbers of immigrants from Ethiopia, Ukraine and Eritrea. They can’t move on to more uncertain futures. There is no doubt that Canadians have the compassion and generosity to be able to deal with the Syrians when they arrive. These mean that the European Union (EU) is especially given the challenges faced by countries that are outside the union that are hosting most of the refugees. Perhaps a time has come for Ottawa to have a co-coordinator for refugees or even expand the minister for immigration’s portfolio to include a department dealing with refugees.

A few of them, as a result, seem resigned to the misery of life as a refugee.

Alexandra Kotyke of Lifeline Syria has spelt out what the government ought to do in processing refugee applications. In fact, a letter signed by several former members of the Obama administration suggested that the US should take in no less than 100,000 Syrian refugees alone.


Mansoor Ladha is a Calgary-based journalist, travel writer and author of A Portrait in Pluralism: Aga Khan’s Shia Ismaili Muslims.