Univision reporter forcibly removed from Trump presser

In a press conference before a speech in Iowa, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos asked the current Republican front-runner a question about Trump’s plan to deport all immigrants living in the US. “You weren’t called”, Trump said.


According to Ramos, Trump’s deportation plan will cost an estimated $12,500 per immigrant, resulting in a whopping $137 billion bill for the American taxpayers to foot, if implemented.

NBC News correspondent Katy Tur this afternoon wondered how Donald Trump would continue to maintain excitement around his campaign as the novelty of his brash style threatens to wear off. How will the real estate mogul keep his brand fresh?

“I have a bigger heart than you do”, Trump told Ramos. Trump answered, “No you don’t”. “You haven’t been called”. Trump replied, “I don’t know really much about him”. Ramos and Trump had a long, sometimes tense back-and-forth, and it ended with Trump saying, “You and I, we’ll talk”. “I don’t mind if he doesn’t come back, frankly”.

Trump, looking toward another journalist in the media pit, said, “OK, who’s next, yeah, please”.

So he decided to travel to Iowa for Trump’s Tuesday evening event.

Univision, the most-watched Spanish language television network in the United States, responded soon thereafter by breaking business ties with the Trump brand, including the Miss USA pageant, which is operated by a company that Trump partly owns.


Ramos later returned to the press conference room where he was able to confront Trump directly.

Donald Trump heads to Iowa rally