US, allies demand Russia halt Syria strikes outside IS areas

British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, meanwhile, said that just five percent of Russian air strikes had targeted IS fighters.


“We’re analyzing where the strikes are going every morning”, he told the paper. The vast majority are not against IS at all.

Fallon said the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, was “shoring up Assad and perpetuating the suffering”.

Syrian activists say warplanes believed to be Russians have attacked a central town that was recently captured by the Islamic State group.

Russian airstrikes continue to primarily target Syrian opposition groups in areas far from ISIS’s core terrain.

“This is not a few superpower chessboard contest”, Obama said at a White House news conference.

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said Friday that Russian Federation and Iran “have created a total mess” in Syria and President Barack Obama “knew nothing about it”. His hands are drenched in the blood of civilians, his own people. The representatives of the coalition command have always been saying that their targets are ISIL, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups.

“We are very concerned of what will happen next”. The rest of the world makes up ours. “Caught unaware by Moscow’s actions, the USA authorities condemn them”. Since September 2014, a US-led coalition has been bombing ISIL positions in Syria without the approval of the UN Security Council or Syrian authorities. “As a result of our air strikes on Islamic State targets, we have managed to disrupt their control system, the terrorist organisation’s supply lines, and also caused significant damage to the infrastructure used to prepare acts of terror”, the ministry said.

SU-24 bombers also destroyed a warehouse that stored ammunition in the mountains near the city of Jisr al-Shughur in Idlib province in northwestern Syria.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a drone carried out strikes on an IS-run camp near Raqqa on Friday.

The United Kingdom, US, France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey voiced “deep concern” over Moscow’s actions as Russian jets carried out a third day of airstrikes in the war-torn country.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking alongside Hollande after a summit in Paris on the Ukraine conflict that Putin also attended, said: “Both of us insisted on the fact that IS is the enemy that we should be fighting”.


The focus of the trained groups is to fight Daesh, Warren said, and as long as they go after the militants, the coalition would provide support in the form of airstrikes.

Russian airstrike in Syria