US, China Reach Cyber Cooperation Agreement

And we will be watching carefully to make an assessment as to whether progress has been made in this area.


Admiral Harry Harris, commander of United States forces in the Pacific, told the Aspen Security Forum in July that China was building hangers on one of the reefs – Fiery Cross – that appeared to be for tactical fighter aircraft. “It also means that all countries’ right to independently choose social systems and development paths should be upheld”.

While Obama’s aides say no formal cyber security agreement is likely, China’s top Internet regulator suggested in a closed-door session with United States executives in Seattle this week that a basic deal against cyber warfare was possible, according to one person present.

Addressing a United Nations summit meeting on development, President Obama said Sunday that the goals of the 15-year plan are ambitious but he said they can be achieved if governments work together.

The U.S. has accused China of serial cyber thefts, and protested its military build-up in the South China Sea.

China denies being involved, saying its a victim of cyber- espionage itself and opposes hacking.

Just hours before the Mr Xi’s address, US President Barack Obama had urged China to follow worldwide law in its interaction with smaller nations on resolving territorial claims in the South China Sea issue, stressing that larger nations had a greater obligation to engage in diplomacy.

“It increases our probability of succeeding, and it increases the likelihood that we will have a more robust agreement”, said an anonymous senior administration official to The New York Times about the upcoming Paris accord.

Yesterday, Xi announced Dollars three billion fund to help developing countries combat climate change.

“Specifically, China’s promise to commit $2 billion to help developing countries cope with climate impacts that are already being felt around the world aligns with US interests and actions”, Paulson said.

“Both sides acknowledge that for new and future institutions to be significant contributors to the global financial architecture, these institutions, like the existing worldwide financial institutions, are to be operated … with the existing high environmental and governance standards”, it said.


The Sustainable Development Summit continues into its second day with more than 70 heads of state and government delivering speeches stating their resolution to realize the 2030 development agenda. Ahead of the dinner, the President and First Lady Michelle Obama – wearing a black off-the-shoulder gown designed by Chinese-American dressmaker Vera Wang – welcomed the Chinese leader and his wife with a red-carpet ceremony. The Chinese people would never forget the assistance provided by the Americans, he added.

Xi Jinping China’s president said that his country will contribute $12 billion to the effort over the next 15 years