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Q: What is the Schengen passport-free area and how does it work?


European Union Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn says the bloc will not leave Balkan countries to deal with the refugee crisis on their own.

Hundreds of others are also waiting in Edirne’s bus terminal and in the city, which borders European Union members Greece and Bulgaria.

People who were turned away by Hungary now see Croatia as an alternate route into European Union countries.

Mr Edwards said: “You aren’t going to solve these problems by closing borders”. The global Organization for Migration puts those figures at 473,887 and 2,812. “The measure is valid until further notice”, police said in a statement.

He spoke in Stockholm where he met his Swedish counterpart Stefan Lofven ahead of a meeting on migrants in Vienna.

Both called for a solution where “all countries in the European Union share their responsibility”, Lofven said.

Babar Baloch, regional spokesman for central Europe for the UNHCR, called for a joint European response, saying countries can not cope individually. “They are people in genuine need of our protection”.

And Hungary rebuked Croatia this week over its previous generosity.

“Croatia has shown it has a heart”, Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said Friday.

It was clear that Hungary’s ties with Serbia were facing deep strains. Our capacities are full.

Clapping and chanting “Merkel!” on Thursday, the group said they will refuse to eat and will keep staging a sit-in protest until Turkey lets them pass. Amir Raei, a 25-year-old Syrian from Idlib, said they won’t give up and they will try to reach the Turkish-Greek border shortly.

“We’ve run out of money and we only know the way through Hungary”, said Mohamed Jabar from Diyala, Iraq, who was traveling with a son in a wheelchair and other family members. You are welcome in Croatia and you can pass through Croatia. “But go on. Not because we don’t like you but because this is not your final destination”. “They say… there is a way through Croatia but who will welcome me there?”

Some humanitarian groups appealed for a more unified response. Baton-wielding police responded with tear gas, pepper spray and water cannons, and migrants threw rocks and other objects at them.

Some 1,600 migrants came to Munich on Thursday, and another 300 arrived in the city Friday morning.

Authorities expect thousands of people will attempt to cross into Slovenia on Friday after more than 13,000 entered neighboring Croatia in little over two days.

Dimitris Avramopoulos also urged compassion for the migrants, noting that a lot of them are Syrians fleeing war. Given the scale of the migration challenge, the number of returns is likely to increase.

The drill will be conducted along the country’s borders and will include hundreds of service members with planes and helicopters.

Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic told reporters he had a message for migrants: Don’t try to go to Western Europe through his country.

His government celebrated its sealed border on Thursday as a success. But the Czechs haven’t renewed border checks yet. FC Nuernberg and 1.

Then, they ushered them onto Hungarian buses, saying they would be taken for registration.

German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier warned in a newspaper interview that Germany, Austria, Sweden and Italy can not bear all the burden of migrants coming to Europe.

Tempers are fraying among some migrants trekking across Europe.

Mr Steinmeier told the Passauer Neue Presse daily that “if there is no other way we need to seriously consider using the instrument of a majority decision” imposing quotas on all countries.

Schengen countries are only obliged to keep their external borders open during business hours.

People crowd a bus provided by the Croatian government, after pushing through police lines in Tovarnik, Croatia, Thursday, September 17, 2015.

Hungary, in contrast, has been insisting that most are simply economic migrants seeking better jobs.

Some opted for a detour, trying to cross from Croatia into Hungary on a stretch of border with no fence. Slovenian police have intercepted dozens of migrants who tried to cross through the forests overnight from Croatia.

Croatia represents a longer and more hard route into Europe, but those fleeing violence in their homelands had little choice.

He said part of his family managed to cross the bridge and enter Croatia, while the rest were stranded on the bridge.

Serbia’s main highway north into Hungary is already closed by Hungarian riot police on the border. More than half of them have come from Syria, fleeing that country’s civil war. Croatia also put some 800 on trains to Hungary.

Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia’s social affairs minister, said Serbia will take Croatia to worldwide courts if the global border crossings remain closed.

Anxious by the situation, Slovenia stopped all rail traffic on the main line from Croatia.


UNHCR says more than 442,440 people have crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe this year and 2,921 have died trying. The situation calmed down but some migrants moved off on foot, with police unable to stop them.

People crowd a bus provided by the Croatian government after pushing through police lines in Tovarnik Croatia Thursday Sept. 17 2015. Hundreds of migrants have pushed through police lines in the eastern Croatian town of Tovarnik with people trampli