US Vice President Biden still undecided on joining 2016 presidential race

As an independent “Draft Biden” political movement has worked to build support and the vice president’s closest advisers have sought to keep all options available to him when he is ready to decide, polls have continued to indicate interest in his candidacy.


NBC reported this week that Jill would be fully behind another bid, contrary to reports suggesting she’s reluctant to see her husband jump into the race following the death of their son Beau in May from brain cancer. And, coming out of the loss of his son, he has a message of hopefulness.

In an interview with us news organization America Media aired on Monday, Biden said the impact of a presidential campaign on his family played a decisive role in his decision. A letter from dozens of major Democratic donors encouraged Biden to enter the race had a similar effect.

Biden finished by telling Father Malone that there is “absolutely” a place for pro-life individuals within the Democratic Party, adding, “that’s been my position for as long as I’ve been engaged”.

The statement that “abortion is always wrong” puts Biden at odds with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), who has portrayed her support for abortion rights as an extension of her religious beliefs.

Biden will need to make his decision soon if he’s to participate in the first Democratic primary debate that’s October 13 in Las Vegas.

I know Bernie. I respect his enthusiastic and intense advocacy of his ideas”.

“I’ve just got to be certain that if I do this I am able to look you in the eye and everyone else say I can give all of my passion and all of my energy and I will not be distracted”, Biden told America: The National Catholic Review.

But the 25% level for Biden is significant and could factor into his decision as he continues to mull jumping into the race amid declining support for Clinton. “And when you light those fires, you better recognize that they can get out of control and he should start dampening them down and putting them out”, Clinton said. A Biden run may serve to cast doubt about Hillary Clinton’s viability, and could siphon votes from both Mrs. Clinton and Vermont Sen. After denouncing front-runner Donald Trump on Tuesday for promoting a “sick” anti-immigrant message, Biden mocked Republicans who question global warming during a visit to California.

Biden, however, said that he would not “impose” that view on “non-God-fearing people that have a different view”.

Meanwhile, another Hollywood source tells THR that it hasn’t been easy for Clinton’s industry supporters to sell tickets for her upcoming fundraiser on September 27 at the Los Angeles home of Lionsgate Motion Picture Group co-chairman Rob Friedman in the wake of recent controversies surrounding the former secretary of state’s campaign.


“Everybody thinks it’s all about what the numbers say“, he said.

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