US Whistleblower Joins Twitter, Follows only NSA

To date, Snowden follows only one other Twitter account: The U.S. National Security Agency’s @NSAGov.


And Snowden’s opening tweet was: ‘Can you hear me now?’ “Now I work for the general public”.

And so the @Snowden account was born – well – that is after Twitter took the handle away from a user who hadn’t been active for roughly three years.

Within a couple hours of launching, Snowden’s account had almost 300,000 followers.

American whistleblower Edward Snowden has joined Twitter and has been an instant hit on the micro-blogging site.

Snowden further stated that ‘Surveillance never sleeps, and secret projects @FreedomofPress are keeping me busy’.

As promised, Snowden and Tyson instantly engaged in a friendly and teasing Twitter conversation that ranged from the joking, to the nerdy, to the truly profound. “You and I will be Twitter buds… your followers will be the Internet, me and the NSA, it’ll be great”.

“You kind of need a Twitter handle”, Tyson advised in the interview. Tyson asked Snowden during an interview published by StarTalk Radio Friday evening. Now though you can tweet the man directly, as he has a verified Twitter account. Despite facing severe restrictions on his movement, Edward Snowden continues to remain a strong crusader of his beliefs. Granted, everyone in the world should’ve assumed they were being spied on by the NSA, but Snowden’s leaks were scandalous because they made us stop pretending we weren’t.

Snowden responded by saying that he’s “just a citizen with a voice”, adding that Daniel Ellsberg has given him a few advice there.


In June of 2013, the US Justice Department accused Snowden of violating the Espionage Act and he was publicly labeled a traitor by the American government.

Edward Snowden's first Twitter troll: Republican candidate George Pataki