USA surfer, 14, bitten by shark

Two weeks ago, another 14-year-old surfer was bitten on his leg on the same beach.


A teen surfer off Florida’s coast was hospitalized early Sunday after fending off a shark that left him with severe injuries to his left hand.

Captain Aaron Jenkins, a patrol spokesman, told the Orlando Sentinel that the boy suffered “significant lacerations” from what was described as a 1.2-or 1.5-metre blacktip shark.

The boy, from Vero Beach, Florida, was paddling on his surfboard when a 4- to 5-foot black-tip shark bit him once on the hand, Jenkins said. “He was screaming for help”, Cole Toomsoo, 12, told WFTV9.

“A guy came up and took off his shirt and wrapped it around his hand”.

Sunday’s attack didn’t stop other surfers from hitting the waves.

He said that area of the beach was common for small sharks to swim in, since it was filled with bait.

WFTV New Smyrna Beach, Florida has had more than 10 shark attacks this year.

“The sharks, they can’t differentiate between someone’s hand… and a few kind of small fish”.


ABC News reports that this is the 11th shark bite reported in that Volusia County this year.

Surfer, 14, bitten by shark in waters off New Smyrna Beach