Veteran who tried to stop Oregon gunman was shot 5 times

Chris Mintz, army veteran and former MMA fighter pictured above with Chael Sonnen, performed a great deed for his fellow man on the day of this horrific shooting. He’s the father of a young son with autism, and though he is no longer together with the boy’s mother, he remains thoroughly engaged in his son’s life. When Mintz left, he moved to Oregon and was reported to have practiced a “bit of mixed martial arts”.


“(He) tries to block the door to keep the gunman from coming in”, another aunt, Wanda Mintz, told a CNN affiliate in North Carolina. His son, Tyrik, turned 5 on Thursday.

An online campaign to pay for the treatment and recovery Chris Mintz hailed as a hero during the Oregon college massacre raised nearly $700,000 in just one day.

Others weren’t so lucky.

In all, the gunman killed least nine people and wounded others.

Boylan also said the shooter told one student in the writing class to stand in a corner, handed him a package and told him to deliver it to authorities, Willis said.

Oregon law actually forces colleges to allow guns on campus grounds.

A 30-year-old student was shot repeatedly when he tried to stop the Umpqua Community College gunman from causing more harm in Roseburg, OR.

“Somehow this has become routine”.

“Our inaction is a political decision that we are making”, Mr Obama said, urging voters to help drive through gun safety laws that have been blocked in the Republican-controlled Congress.

The latest school shooting has resurrected the debate on gun control in America, where there have been almost 300 mass shootings this year alone.

“Think about whether your views are properly being represented by the organization that suggests it is speaking for you”, he said.

The seventh victim was identified as Quinn Cooper, 18, who was described by his family as a “funny, sweet, compassionate and such a wonderful loving person”.

Many social media users and news reports have seized on the idea of trying to ignore the shooter’s name while making #ChrisMintz trend.

Shooters inspire each other, so police are right not to put a spotlight on them, said Pete Blair of Texas State University’s Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training Center.

“Just himself”, said Alex Frier, a stage manager at the college who said Harper-Mercer built sets for theater performances last semester. The thinking behind the two statements is that law-abiding gun owners can and do stop crime.

Officials on Friday also released the names of the dead, who ranged in age from 18 to 67 and included several freshmen and a teacher.

The 26-year-old gunman who opened fire in the college’s English class was an Army boot camp dropout who studied mass shooters.

The second victim was Jason Johnson, who earlier told his mother that he was determined to turn his life around after struggling with drug addiction. It was the fifth shooting on a USA college campus since August of this year.

There really is no general consensus on how to categorize a mass shooting.

Oregon shooting hero Chris Mintz has shared a Facebook update. “We were told he did heroic things to protect a few people”.

According to NBC News, Chris Mintz was shot in the abdomen, hands, and back, and both of his legs were broken.


But he is tough and will walk again, said Skinner, who added that Mintz has shrapnel still inside his body that the doctors will leave in place for now.

Army veteran charged Oregon college shooter