Vice President Biden won’t participate in first Democratic 2016 debate despite

According to criteria released by CNN, the network that is hosting the debate on October. 13, Mr. Biden would have until the next day to file a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission.


Biden is now included in every Democratic primary poll.

And yet, Biden still can’t quite pull the trigger on a decision.

But he hasn’t done any of the spadework necessary to raise money or build an organization. More realistically, even if he keeps his decision quiet, I would think he would want to start practicing prior to the debate.

While Clinton has gone to great lengths to give the vice president space to make his decision, a few of her loyalists quietly wonder whether the growing chatter about a Biden candidacy has contributed to an erosion of support in recent weeks.

To be sure, Carper said he did not know whether the Benghazi hearings would factor into Biden’s decision. “Was never really an active part of interacting with him or his team”.

Biden was chairing a session on countering extremism at the United Nations in New York when Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen referred to the vice president in the middle of his remarks as “Mr. President”.

“Nothing is actually being done yet”, said a senior Democrat who has spoken with Biden, speaking to CNN on condition of anonymity to avoid openly violating the trust of the vice president. He worked on the first Biden presidential race in 1987.

“I love Joe Biden because of his honest and authenticity”, said Jon Cooper, national finance chairman of Draft Biden. If he doesn’t run, I wonder how many of his supporters could ultimately be picked up by Sanders.

As he consults with close advisers and political leaders across the country, Biden is also still trying to determine if he is emotionally prepared to run a campaign and at the same time be there for his family as they continue to mourn the death of his son Beau Biden, who died from brain cancer in late May.


Biden admitted in an interview published last month that he was taking his time to decide on a run, and may not necessarily make the final call in time to get on certain ballots.

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