Videogame sales down 2%; new ‘Madden NFL’ tops chart

It launches on September 15 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Even before the said time, Microsoft has already laid down aspects of what to expect.


Ybarra said Microsoft tracks load time data for Xbox 360 and Xbox One and the New Xbox One Eperience will make executing tasks quite a bit faster. In fact the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sell through was almost the same with this month having the smallest gap between the two.

As with the settings problem in Windows 8, where they were distributed about all over, the Xbox One interface has been a bit of a mess for a while as the original was designed with Kiect in mind, which was then removed as an always bundled accessory.

The Christmas season is all set to loom very soon and there is going to be a lot of changes that one can see in the sales of the console boxes. However previous announcements have shown that you can invite friends, share videos and send messages using voice commands via a Kinect (if you have one), all using largely naturalistic language. It will have vertical galleries and categories to help out in navigating it. As Microsoft puts it, it will be a new and improved version of the Store.

EA’s NFL game took its place as usual at No. 1 on the charts with Gears of War on Xbox One at No. 2 for August. It isn’t just a console, but it is a home entertainment module and Microsoft would want it to be used not just for gaming but for other things as well like socializing. The update will finally bring the much-awaited Xbox One backwards compatibility feature, a new Guide, a new look for the homepage, and a revamped Community section.

For the uninitiated, the exclusive holiday titles to which Tsunoda is referring are Forza Motorsport 6, Halo 5: Guardians, and Fable Legends, and many others beyond the executive are expecting them to be huge successes.


Ybarra teased that the update will introduce new “accessibility” features to ensure that the Xbox One can appeal to the widest possible market. Members will have to opt for it to be downloaded though, and the first ones to get it are those who regularly provide feedback.

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