VMworld shows off container, virtualization solutions

To answer this challenge, VMware has developed vSphere Integrated Containers, available as a technical preview, which allows the vSphere management software to work with containers.


Security and Isolation – Assuring the integrity and authenticity of containers and their underlying infrastructure, VIC isolates and starts up each container in a virtual machine with minimal overhead using the Instant Clone feature of VMware vSphere 6. “Now enterprises and telecom service providers can meet their operational goals and maximize the number of virtual machines running over the same infrastructure, by running VMware technologies over proven platforms connected by 40Gb/s Ethernet interconnect”.

“We are proud to continue our technology leadership and to be the first to support all of the standard Ethernet speeds over one NIC”, said Kevin Deierling, vice president, marketing, Mellanox Technologies.

VMware EVO SDDC was previously announced last year as EVO:RACK, a follow-up to EVO:RAIL that enables hardware vendors to deliver pre-integrated private clouds using a VMware software stack. The big feature here is stateful services for containers like storage, as well as integration with software like Docker, Kubernetes, CoreOS Tectonic and Mesosphere Inc.’s Data Center Operating System (DCOS).

VMware is adding nearly two-dozen new features to its NSX network virtualization platform that touch on everything from greater control of data and improved integration with physical infrastructure to better troubleshooting tools. Combined with Mellanox’s Spectrum™ Ethernet switch and LinkX™ copper and fiber cables, ConnectX-4 will enable customers to build the most advanced cloud infrastructure and to compete in today’s global market, where enterprises are increasingly required to perform more and quicker data-intensive analytics.

In the event of a disaster recovery event or test, fees will be charged for each virtual machine protected and the storage they consume, said VMware. Because not many of you are close to doing this, Virtzilla feels you won’t mind waiting until later this year to play with Photon Platform in a closed beta.

VMware and Pivotal to Introduce Cloud-Native Application Solution VMware and Pivotal offer powerful solutions for cloud-native applications for IT operations and application development teams, respectively.


Photon Platform is a Linux-based OS for building out cloud-native apps. “At VMworld 2015, we will demonstrate our unique Application Performance Acceleration technology that delivers high levels of performance improvement by intelligently selecting and accelerating primary application data on faster solid state storage”. “This is why our new software architectures are cloud-native and why we are working with VMware to bring this type of technology to the products and services we provide our hosted customers”, said Keith Collins, CIO of SAS. Project Photon OS is available now as an open source project on GitHub. Our innovative ICT solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population. Hooks to vCloud Air mean developers have a lot of the pieces needed to deploy a containerised app waiting for them if they walk VMware’s path. The company’s even created a dedicated DevOps track here at VMworld 2015 to explain this all in detail. This will let DevOps teams take advantage of containerized applications with VMware vSphere storage services such as VMware Virtual SAN and VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes-enabled external storage. The use of the word “partner” or “partnership” does not imply a legal partnership relationship between VMware and any other company.

Mellanox Ethernet Solutions Enable Cloud-based Businesses to Achieve Higher