Volkswagen Suspends More Officials, Also From Audi and Porsche

One of the worst parts to all of this is that Volkswagen is a parent company of brands that include Audi and Porsche.


In Sacramento, California, that state’s top air quality regulator said her agency is preparing a series of actions against Volkswagen in response to the company’s admission that it cheated on tailpipe pollution tests.

Earlier today we found out Bosch was in charge of creating the diesel engine software for testing procedures, but in the end Volkswagen chose to use it on their production cars and now the cat is finally out of the bag and this embarrassing situation will have a huge financial impact on the entire group.

The heads of research and development at Volkswagen’s Porsche and Audi luxury divisions may be axed, according to Reuters.

Rumors are rife that the VW Group’s head of sales and marketing, Christian Klinger, could also be asked to put in his papers soon.

The company has lost over a quarter of its share value since last week and the company’s former CEO Martin Winterkorn stepped down, though he denied any knowledge of the wrongdoing. Sources last week reported that Volkswagen was getting closer to identifying the engineers who were responsible. The new chief of Volkswagen Osterloh has also made a decision to work closely with labor to maintain high quality standards and regulatory norms at the factory level. However, Volkswagen didn’t respond to provide details on it saying it wouldn’t comment on news paper speculation.

The devices were able to detect when cars were undergoing tests, and would switch the vehicle to a low emission mode in order to achieve more favourable results.


The latest emissions scandal has landed Volkswagen in a serious problem as it leads to legal and environmental issues for the German automaker.

New Volkswagen CEO Matthias Muller