Volkswagen suspends sale of a few vehicles in Australia

“There’s been no news whatsoever from Volkswagen, from the dealer, any letter, any phone call, nothing whatsoever”, said Giacomo Corrado, who lives outside San Francisco and leases a diesel Golf.


VW employees arriving for work at the company’s huge plant in the northern German town on Friday hoped that a new chief executive could start to stabilize the company. The German transport ministry has said it did, but has not given details.

While it’s yet to be revealed who made the decision to use the Dieselgate cheat code in its production cars, Volkswagen has had to take them offline after all, with the German government giving it until tomorrow (Wednesday) to present it with a recall schedule and proof that it will reduce the EA189 emissions to legal standards.

Max Warburton, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein Ltd., said in a note to investors on Monday.

The smaller engines, which have systems that collect nitrogen oxides in the vehicle, are potentially more complicated, because they can’t be retrofitted, the person said.

“We don’t yet have figures for how many of these 11 million cars that are apparently affected are in Europe”, Dobrindt said.

“If the issue is just limited to the USA… then the financial consequences may be containable”.

“There is no excuse whatsoever for the VW cheat”.

Volkswagen is expected to release preliminary results of the internal investigation later this week, though it refuses to reveal the reasons why its three most senior engineers were suspended in the first public week of the crisis.

VW’s top manager in the United States, Michael Horn, is to testify before Congress on Thursday.

Bernd Osterloh said Tuesday that it’s not possible to say today “whether and how this wrongdoing could affect our jobs in the medium and long term”.

CEO Mueller and an official from Jones Day will attend the supervisory board meeting, sources said. The next year, he was named management board member for the Volkswagen brand in charge of development.

After keeping away from the company in the months after his ouster, Piech and his wife Ursula visited the Volkswagen stand at the Frankfurt auto show on September 22, four days after the emissions scandal broke and the day before Winterkorn resigned. The extent of the fallout from the scandal remains unclear as do the costs to Volkswagen.


Shareholder advisory firm Hermes EOS said last week it had “real doubts” about whether Volkswagen’s main stakeholders recognised the need for fundamental reform.

A Volkswagen logo is seen on a freight car at the VW factory in Zwickau Gemany Monday Oct.5 2015