Volkswagen takes 4000 ‘cheating’ cars off UK market

As many readers will now know, the engine-management software (supplied to the VW group by German automotive components supplier Bosch) could sense when a auto was being tested for emissions, apparently picking this up by monitoring speed, engine loads, steering angles and the like. “But I know they will”, he said.


When asked to compare the severity of this issue to the safety-related issues of the General Motors ignition switch and Toyota sudden acceleration recalls, the largest percentage of those surveyed felt that the Volkswagen situation is less serious than the recent GM (44%) and Toyota problems (42%).

The United Kingdom government is to inspect vehicles in an effort to find out which manufacturers besides Volkswagen – if any – are using so-called “defeat devices” to change the level of emissions, whether NOx, Carbon dioxide or otherwise.

“There’s been no news whatsoever from Volkswagen, from the dealer, any letter, any phone call, nothing whatsoever”, said Giacomo Corrado, who lives outside San Francisco and leases a diesel Golf.

The company’s shares, which dropped to a 4-year low of 90.70 euros earlier in the day, closed down 4.3 percent at 92.36.

She added: “As soon as Parliament resumes I’m going to be calling the Secretary of State to the Transport Select Committee to answer these questions”. With cleaner fuels and pollution controls which are truthfully implemented by vehicle manufacturers, the RHA says there could be as much of a 90% reduction in emissions.

The American Lung Association on Tuesday urged the U.S. Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency to force Volkswagen to take actions to offset all of the excess emissions released by the vehicles it tampered with.

Amid what Volkswagen ‘s chairman-to-be is calling an “existence-threatening crisis for the company“, the German carmaker is begging for the public’s trust and promising to fix both its vehicles and its own integrity. While the technology exists to capture the emissions from diesel fumes, these are expensive and hard to regulate, as seen with the VW scandal.

It also suggested US authorities had an ulterior motive. But in the case of the Volkswagens, if the cars were operating as designed, no fault would appear.

For a few, the whole scandal might be confusing, so what follows is an explanation of what has happened with VW and its diesel cars and why. Berlin has in the past lobbied the European Union against tougher regulations on carmakers.

With the company in disgrace, Germany’s Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has said its employees must not be made to pay the price for the scandal. In the initial, only one auto will be tested from suspected vehicle manufacturers and if anything alerts them, they will test more.


Meanwhile, Volkswagen Canada is now offering a $2,000 incentive to TDI owners who want to trade in their vehicle for any other brand new VW model.

Volkswagen has said that it will unveil a fix for its faulty emissions tests in 11 million cars sold worldwide