Volkswagen to recall up to 11 million vehicles over emissions scandal

“We are facing a long trudge and a lot of hard work”, Mueller told a closed-door gathering of about 1,000 top managers at Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg headquarters late on Monday.


After VW’s upmarket subsidiary Audi and its Czech arm Skoda admitted that more than three million of their vehicles were similarly fitted, its Spanish unit Seat said 700,000 of its cars were also equipped with the technology.

Audi has officially announced that about 21 lakh vehicles globally have the illegal emissions cheating software imbedded into them.

The recall will include five million cars in the Volkswagen brand’s passenger range – including sixth-generation Golf, seventh-generation Passat and first-generation Tiguan – out of a total of 11 million Volkswagen Group vehicles worldwide.

The device is able to detect when cars are undergoing tests, and can switch the vehicle to a low emission mode in order to achieve more favourable results. According to Green vehicle Reports, Volkswagen’s cars emitted up to 35 times the allowed USA levels of nitrous oxides, chemicals that contribute to smog and pollute our environment. Impact of Volkswagen emissions scandal on IndiaVW chief executive Matthias Mueller said technical solutions would be submitted in October.

Volkswagen, the 11 million diesel cars that are equipped with software that emissions can manipulate with new software in order to comply with the rules. Audi has revealed that 2.1 million vehicles from its brand are affected worldwide, with 1.42 million of those being in Western Europe.

The vehicles affected are those with the so-called EU5 engines.

Despite this, VW diesel cars have been banned from sale in the United States, Canada and Switzerland until the crisis is resolved. The company has already set up sites for Canada and the U.S. USA environmental regulators say Volkswagen faces fines of up to $18 billion.

Reuters said the suspensions involved staff from the Audi, Porsche and the VW brands.


Volkswagen dealers in the US rallied behind VW of America CEO Michael Horn in the days since the scandal, successfully lobbying the VW board, which met today, to keep Horn, Automotive News…

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