Vote tally in favor of Iran deal climbs to 30 in Senate

Congress requires a two-thirds majority vote in the House and Senate to override a presidential veto. According to, Secure America Now spent $671,000 on ads opposing President Barack Obama in the 2012 campaign.


Despite his sharp rhetoric, Grayson would not say whether he was voting for or against the agreement being fiercely pushed by President Obama. Such talk has prompted congressional Republicans to consider moving the legislation first in the House, where passage is assured.

The State Department reacted to the letter by laughing it off. Spokesman John Kirby was grilled by AP reporter Matt Lee about why a letter of support for the deal signed by a significantly lower number of military experts has been touted by the administration, while this new letter is being written off.

In total, 63 percent of respondents said Iran could not be trusted to fulfil its obligations under the deal.

The White House has declined to comment on its outlook beyond saying it is working to gather enough votes to keep Congress from “spoiling” the pact.

“I’m hoping Democrats filibuster the vote”.

Corker said he didn’t know if opponents could stop that effort. “They think we have a good deal and should take yes for an answer”. In return, Iran would benefit from billions of dollars in relief from economic sanctions that have crippled their economy. But his opposition did not have coattails, even in his own state.

A week after Schumer’s announcement, Sen.

This possible outcome, which looked close to impossible a few days after the Iran deal was announced in July, remains a long shot.

The retiring Democratic leader becomes the 27th Senate Democrat to publicly endorse the plan, while just two – including Reid’s friend and likely successor, Sen. Robert Menendez of New Jersey. If theycan, they will then need a simple majority of 51 votes in thechamber to approve the resolution. She joins fellow Democratic leaders Harry Reid and Dick Durbin in supporting the deal.

Reid had been holding off on announcing his stance on the deal and had indicated he intends to talk with influential Jewish backers before deciding. And we are going to enable them to get nuclear weapons. At the very least 67 of the chamber’s Democrats help the settlement, whereas the remaining have but to announce their place.

Rep. Scott Garrett told a Tea Party audience in Wyckoff on Tuesday that he opposes the proposed nuclear arms agreement with Iran but said stopping the deal will be hard under the rules that the Senate has adopted. “Twice this country has voted to support this president”.


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