Voters think Clinton is lying about emails — Fox News Poll

Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan, who’s overseeing one of the Freedom of Information suits on the Clinton e-mails, ordered the State Department to ask the FBI what relevant info might be gleaned from the private server she used to store her correspondence, which the bureau recently took into possession. Her campaign said the White House was briefed on Clinton’s position prior to her comments and she privately made her opposition known in discussions with labor officials in recent weeks.


Marie Harf, former State Department spokesperson, described the document request in March as a routine housekeeping inquiry that was not targeted at Clinton.

Clinton’s use of her private email for her work as America’s top diplomat came to light in March and drew fire from political opponents who accused the Democratic presidential front-runner of sidestepping transparency and record-keeping laws.

The intelligence source said, “I would be greatly concerned that the repeated technical problem with the computer were results of someone, (including the possibility of a foreign country), forcing unauthorized access to the server“.

An exasperated Clinton said Wednesday that any suggestions she helped spark the birther movement were “ludicrous”. Hillary Clinton’s approval rating among women is around 74% with women.

“There is nothing I can do for you one way or another“, he allegedly responded. The State Department has been inundated with the staff’s emails and has been very slow to process them.

Grassley is frustrated with a letter he received from the Justice Department Tuesday that declines to confirm its investigation of Clinton’s email server, which was prompted by concerns about the presence of classified information. Johnson referred to an email dated July 23, 2014, in which employees at Platte River Networks, the private company that was then maintaining her server, discussed sending copies of Clinton’s e-mails overnight to Cheryl Mills, a longtime Clinton adviser.

“She does not have 100,000 people, paid or otherwise”, campaign manager Jeff Weaver told TIME earlier this month, comparing Sanders’ volunteer efforts to Clinton.

FBI investigators, however, have been able to recover some emails from the erased server, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

Bloomberg reports that the agency was able to salvage work and personal emails that were thought to have been deleted.


“Mrs. Clinton likely knows that opposing Keystone will hinder, but not stop, Canadian oil exports to the United States, including exports of bitumen from the oilsands”.

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