VW emissions scandal ‘shows no sign of dying down’

The head of the board, Mary Nichols, told AN that Volkswagen is “obviously” looking at some sort of recall, but what that entails is still a bit up in the air.


“Mueller has been a longtime insider at VW and I still wonder if that will be enough to quell criticism that they’re not really taking this that seriously”, DeLorenzo said.

“We’re actually making sure that this is a one-off”, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said Friday.

Although the Volkswagen emissions scandal has caught many by surprise, in fact it has been brewing for a while.

Volkswagen is reeling from revelations it used secret software to thwart diesel smog tests on almost a half million vehicles in the U.S. “There are concerns for the long-term damage for every manufacturer that builds cars with these engines”.

The 68-year-old said he was “not aware of any wrongdoing” on his part. I am clearing the way for this fresh start with my resignation. The process of clarification and transparency must continue. Volkswagen’s most recent annual report outlines how Winterkorn, its leader since 2007, could theoretically collect two significant payouts.

The move followed a call by the European Commission on all EU countries to carry out separate investigations. “All emissions systems remain active outside the testing cycles”, a statement said.

VW was able to fool the EPA because the agency only tested the cars on treadmill-like devices called dynamometers and didn’t use portable test equipment on real roads. “This gives clarity to customers and dealers”.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency plans sweeping changes to the way it tests for diesel emissions after getting duped by clandestine software in Volkswagen cars for seven years.

Volkswagen has admitted that around 11 million vehicles around the world are fitted with and affected by the software.

Park Pan-kyu, a deputy director at South Korea’s environment ministry, said that four models – Golf, Jetta, Beetle and Audi A3 – are subject to the probe, which is expected to end in November.

May said these issues tend to be a “stimulus for improving the car”.

BERLIN (AP) – The latest developments on the Volkswagen emissions scandal.

BMW denies cheating in pollution tests. Hyundai and affiliate Kia have also been rolling out new diesel models aiming to tap into their rising popularity.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency accused VW a week ago of installing the so-called “defeat device” in 482,000 cars sold in the United States.

The news has already triggered lawsuits, government investigations, and caused the company to ten of billions of dollar in share value this week. “It is these that have been violated in the United States”. Winterkorn apologized and resigned on Wednesday, adding that he had been unaware of any alleged illegality. “And then after that, when we were getting the data we were like ‘OK, we’re going to write a lot of journal papers, and we’ll be happy if three people read these journal papers.’ That’s our happiness at that point”. We have totally screwed up. “This is one of the fixes they presented to us as a potential solution”. All you have to do is stand beside a diesel truck while it belches noxious fumes into the air in nasty black clouds to see for yourself. That’s different than requiring them to meet the standards at all times.

Asked about what he thought the consequences of the scandal would be, he told reporters it would result in “probably yet more scrutiny”.

Does the emissions scandal affect my auto?

Authorities will continue working with Volkswagen to determine what cars exactly are involved.

However, the real impact could be in the longer term.


Koreans have had a mixed attitude to foreign cars for some time.

The new CEO Martin Meuller replaces outgoing CEO Martin Winterkorn