Walker leaves for debate without answering questions

A new court filing shows investigators believed Gov. Scott Walker committed a felony when he was Milwaukee County executive in relation to an office lease and cleaning service contract. He appeared relaxed, laughing often and wearing a state fair polo shirt, jeans and sneakers.


Following that comment and boos from the audience, the debate moved on, with candidates getting two minutes to answer a stream of questions.

“I always thought I’d get back, and I may still do”, Walker, now 47, said in November 2013.

According to Benson, “Gov. Walker is one of the candidates who has prepared the most for this event”.

“A lot of people are wondering, ‘Why are you not in Cleveland?'” Walker continued. I talked to border state Governor’s and other elected officials. “We’ve been here since we were kids”.

Scott Walker says that when he takes the debate stage Thursday night he’s going to keep his focus on Hillary Clinton, not his fellow Republican candidates.

Walker is also scheduled to make a campaign stop at a Cleveland restaurant on Friday, underscoring the importance of Ohio, a bellwether state for presidential elections.

He said he did not want to attack any of his rivals and preferred to “just discuss the issues” in the course of a “very civil” debate.


Walker had no public appearances on Tuesday and none announced for Wednesday as he prepares for the debate. Communities like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore – both of which have been the scene of major moments in the Black Lives Matter movement over the last year – have much higher black populations. In her words, “People who could not prove things in a court of law are attempting to win in the court of public opinion”.

Scott Walker