Walker’s departure from presidential race shakes up field

Experts saw potential gain for conservative candidates like Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee as well as centre-right contenders such as Marco Rubio, John Kasich and Jeb Bush. He was a nonentity during the two presidential debates in which he participated.


His decline put financial pressure on his campaign. While Donald Trump’s rise in the polls is obviously part of what happened to Walker, it seems fairly clear that once voters began to get to know Walker they started turning away from him.

Back in the 80s, Walker had a big hand in the First Baptist Church of Delavan where his father was lead pastor.

In a poll released on Sunday, his support among Republican voters had fallen to less than 0.5pc.

Because Walker had very little support in recent polls, the voter effect of his absence is likely to be negligible in the short-term, but Kondick said that other candidates may be helped by donors or down the road in Iowa. And the expectation is that many of his donors – and perhaps some of his staff – will swing over to Rubio’s campaign. “With this in mind, I will suspend my campaign immediately”, Walker said Monday during a Madison, Wisconsin, news conference, WND reported.

Carson had a less than sparkling debate performance, the low point of which came when he said, in essence, that it was a mistake for this country to respond militarily to the 9/11 attacks. “Kind of guy I want managing my tax money”.

During the call, which Walker’s team billed as a thank-you call for top supporters two days after he exited the presidential race, Walker said he “certainly wouldn’t be interested in a cabinet position” if a Republican wins the White House. He dropped out because he was polling at 0 percent and his money had dried up.

Sources close to the campaign described a division between those who worked with Walker on previous campaigns and had strong Wisconsin ties and those whom he brought in from Washington. They cited media reports quoting Walker’s former campaign manager Rick Wiley as saying that the campaign has expenses as large as $800,000, with $1 million cash on hand. Obama was a fresh face, but he was also extraordinarily politically talented, and he won not because of his lack of experience, but in spite of it. He did so by tying his opponent to the past, by presenting himself as the only option for change.

Scott Walker sat on an immigration wall.

“I think that question would have been answerable three or four weeks ago”, said Joel Aberbach, a professor at the Center for American Politics and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

One of his former campaign aides, Republican operative Liz Mair, drew up a rapid-fire list of his failings on Twitter. “I think this is one more step for the establishment to consolidate their resources”.

“I’m going to be speaking with different candidates and will look to make an appropriate evaluation as to what I think might be the best decision for me”, he said.

Even if Romney didn’t officially get in the race in December or January, when the national convention rolls around in July (one month earlier than normal), he could still have a shot. He also urged other candidates to follow the example that he was trying to set.


In 2011, Perry jumped into the Republican race for president, convinced it was his time.

Scott Walker Drops Out of Presidential Race