Want to play DVDs in Windows 10? That’ll be $15

Upon release, Windows 10 received warm praise for being a good start, but reviewers criticized the bugs that remained in the software. You can find that information under the System tab on your PC. The free app is available for the web and iOS, and with the official release today, the company is also rolling out a new Windows 10 version of the app.


A number of readers have asked me if Windows 10 is, in fact, “spyware”, designed to intrude into our lives and mislead about its true intentions. Don’t get angry; all you have to do is go to the closest Microsoft Store. After releasing Windows 10 as a “free upgrade” for “over 190 markets” this past week, Microsoft is aiming for iOS developers with software previously known as Project Islandwood. You’ll also be required to restart your PC to finish applying the bug fixes, so save your work. If you typically delete that after upgrading, or you’ve done a post-upgrade clean install of Windows 10, you’re out of luck.

But that still doesn’t make it OK for a company as big as Microsoft to not foot the bill for features its competitors include with the price of the computer.

Of course, you will get this update installed automatically, but if you want to jump on it now, it’s available by going to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

MicrosoftWindows Phone chief Joe BelfioreAnd if iOS developers are finding that they’re making more money with Windows, they’re more likely to shift their priorities accordingly, releasing their new apps and features for Windows 10 first.


In addition, previous rumors claim that the Windows maker will be launching two devices as well, following the recent trend. By giving them the ability to recycle much of their code, many developers may now give Windows another look. There will be other setup instructions that you will need to follow in order to finish installing Windows. We suggest you to select Custom, then pick the partition which will be formatted and click Next.

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