Watch Carly Fiorina Sing a Song About Her Dog, Snickers, with Fallon

Fiorina was a hit at the Mackinac forum, where her appearance was credited for a sold-out Saturday dinner where 1,007 diners were seated.


In the final moments of her segment, Fallon asked her to sing a song, which Fiorina surprisingly agreed to do. “I’ve been tested”, Fiorina told Fallon.

He pointed to a Wall Street Journal story from last week, that reported Hewlett-Packard, which Fiorina ran from 1999-2005, has outlined plans to cut another 25,000 to 30,000 workers as part of its preparation to split the company into two separate businesses and cut $2.7 billion in annual costs.

Fiorina introduced a softer-side to the audience, telling the crowd how she learned about God from her mother and about conservatism from her father, a conservative federal judge who sat on one of the most liberal circuit courts in the country.

She ranks sixth out of 15 candidates, with 6.3 percent support, in the latest RealClearPolitics average of national polls.

As president, Fiorina said she “would not tolerate” Xi building military outposts in the South China Sea. “Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?”

But Jenkins said she made a decision to endorse Fiorina before last week’s CNN debate in California.

I battled cancer, I’ve lost a child”, said Fiorina. “I’ve been tested. But whether it’s a person of Christian faith or Jewish faith or Muslim faith or other faiths, I think faith gives us humility, empathy and optimism, and I think those are important things”.

“I think that’s wrong”.

She also talked about her opinions on Russian president Vladimir Putin. “He’s very confident. He actually can be quite amusing and charming but he’s a KGB guy”. Donald Trump has relentlessly attacked her, claiming her business record proves she is not worthy of the presidency.

“I wouldn’t talk to him at all”. Carson is now in a virtual tie with recent front-runner Donald Trump.

“I’m also impressed with her extensive experience on the global stage”, she said.

As Fiorina explained to host Jimmy Fallon, she likes to make up songs – a tradition picked up from her mother – and puts particular focus on dogs Snickers and Max. “That’s what you see in the polls”. She alluded to duties earlier in her career that were as humble as the ones Fallon had joked she’d assume tonight.

Rick Perry lavished praise on Carly Fiorina on Thursday, touting her leadership and campaigning skills as well as their friendship dating back to when he was the governor of Texas and Hewlett-Packard merged with Compaq, which is based in the Houston area.


“So you better be really nice to me tonight”.

Carly Fiorina Sang To Her Dog On 'Jimmy Fallon&apos