Watch ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Threaten an National Basketball Association Star In Epic Rant

After Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant strongly dismissed a Stephen A. Smith report that he was considering a move to the Los Angeles Lakers, Smith fired back on Monday, telling Durant “you don’t want to make an enemy out of me”.


“No. 1: You don’t know who I talk to”, Smith said.

Or maybe not. Perhaps Durant will hear something the rest of us didn’t because, according to Smith, everyone’s “misconstruing” his words.

“I am a black man on national television”. They’re both proprietors of enormous pride that makes them say irrational things, and now, thanks to a rumor Stephen A. floated on “First Take” last week, they’ve finally butted heads in public. “Are you trying to tell me you’re not going to consider the second-largest market in the United States of America?” Especially from a player who receives nothing but praise not only from me, but from practically every media member you can find. “My career spans 20-plus years”. That must really start to threaten your ability to go on TV and blabber on about sensational extrapolations without any consequences. But I know this much: We all win with his return, because he is an absolute superstar. You sure about that??? “I never dreamed about this as a kid, and I’m just excited to get the opportunity”.

Seems the gauntlet has essentially been laid down.


Standing on a fresh gray blacktop, Kevin Durant dedicated his first outdoor court in North America on Monday at North Highland Elementary in Oklahoma City through his foundation’s “Build It And They Will Ball” initiative.

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