[Watch] Katy Perry has an encounter with a handsy fan

Katy Perry, meanwhile, is taking legal action against a rival buyer who is stopping her in her bid to buy a former convent in Los Angeles, which she hopes to turn into a family home.


The 30-year-old crooner took it in stride at first, joking around as she struggled to understand the fan as she pronounced her name, Rayane.

Katy Perry has met a lot of fans in a lot of places, but this is one encounter she’s not likely to forget anytime soon. The California-born star donned a silver, halterneck crop top featuring holographic detailing which glistened under the stage lights.

To give her credit, Katy Perry was undoubtedly trying to do a nice thing by inviting a fan up on stage mid-gig. At least she knows Katy will never forget her!

Rayane then ran back to her idol and pinched the star’s butt in return, before a man arrived on the steps of the stage to guide her away.

Perry’s early reaction before getting a little more comfortable with her bud in the smiley-face bra: “Okay, hold on!”


The same source also disclosed that Katy has already had the title “Crocodile Tears” registered.

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