Watch Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel Go to Couples Therapy

“I try to get him on the show”, Kimmel said.


As the show grew in popularity, Damon started randomly popping up on the show, but Kimmel always found a reason why there was no time for Damon.

Referring to Damon’s 2011 bomb We Bought a Zoo, the actor pleaded with Kimmel, “That zoo was supposed to be…something lovely…For us…You didn’t even show up!”

Damon walked out on stage at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” dressed as Dr. Phil as he attempted to sneak his way onto Kimmel’s show.

Damon also requests a television and maybe a Wi-Fi connection in his basement room in the studio where he now lives. I have a monologue to do, we have a band….

Doing what she does best, the therapist then asks Kimmel how he thinks it feels to be Damon, waiting for an appearance on his show, day after day, for over ten years. “Everything except the duct tape happens to me every night…The show’s right there and he can’t get to it”.

While Damon believed Kimmel had finally acquiesced to letting him on the show during therapy, the host insisted he had only said he would “try” to squeeze the actor in. “And now he makes me think I’m insane”.

“See, now things are getting totally turned around, this is what he does, and this is what he does so well”, he said. “It’s not a movie star face or a movie star body”.

Matt retorted, “He is verbally abusive to me”.


“Just not tonight, because this counseling thing has gone on a really long time”.

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