Watch Matt Damon Re-Enact His Entire Career (Even Happy Feet Two)

However, I must say that I’m a little disappointed, because this video misses quite a few movies from Matt Damon‘s career.


The actor even reprised his fan-favourite role of Jason Bourne, knocking show host Corden out by using a variety of his best secret agent power moves!

Damon’s new film, the aforementioned “The Martian”, made it into the mix, allowing the actor to offer a semi-organic plug for his latest project.

So ch-ch-check out Matt and James perform everything from Ocean’s Eleven to the Bourne trilogy in under eight minutes (below)!

On Tuesday, James Corden and Matt Damon acted out most of his major film credits on The Late Late Show.

The skit opens with Damon and Corden acting out a quick scene from “Good Will Hunting“.

They went on to reenact “Saving Private Ryan“, “The Departed“, “Happy Feet Two“, “The Informant!“, “True Grit” and many others.

Damon and the comedian even included a scene from Matt’s newest blockbuster, “The Martian“, which hits theaters this weekend. Corden, confused by the film’s premise, played a space alien.


“Well I haven’t seen the movie yet, “The Martian” doesn’t come out until Friday”, Corden said.

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