Watch Stephen Colbert’s Sobering Monologue About the Oregon Shooting

Thursday’s shooting at Umpqua Community College left 10 dead, including the suspected gunman, identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer.


This same tone was also conveyed by Trevor Noah, the new host of “The Daily Show“. Part of that cycle seems to be comments from late night talk show hosts in the wake of a tragedy.

Noah added that all he could do at that moment was express his grief and do what he does best, which is “try to make people laugh”.

After which Colbert segued abruptly and briefly to “egomaniacal billionaire” Donald Trump – Trump having become a nightly gag on the show – before landing on the subject of “California’s No. 1 above-ground pool salesman, Kevin McCarthy”. Maher couldn’t recall a president saying anything like that before, he said.

According to late night talk show host Stephen Colbert, there’s a new deity in town and his name is Sean Murray, creator of upcoming PlayStation 4/PC title, No Man’s Sky. The host did a brief monologue, then sat at his desk, and spoke directly to viewers. “That is something that I know a little bit about”, he said, lightheartedly referring to the ultra-conservative persona he donned for “The Colbert Report“. When tragedies like this happen, “We change nothing, and we pretend it won’t happen again”.

“In the face of the killings in Oregon yesterday, I honestly don’t know what to do or say“, Colbert said. But the insistence that something, anything change due to the obvious fact that the status quo is not working will likely amount to nothing once again.


“I can’t pretend that it didn’t happen”, he said.

No Man's Sky