WatchOS 2 released: delayed Apple update brings real apps, communication

Colorful watch face Apple Watch 2The update for the Apple Watch is now available and enables some major capabilities as noted by ZDNet’s Kevin Tofel.


However, a bug stopped OS 2 being launched and it’s only just become available tonight.

Slightly delayed by a bug that was found in development, the update is now being pushed out to Watch owners. Apart from being new software, watchOS 2 is very stable and brings with it a ton of performance enhancements.

Demand is expected to be high, so there may be a delay.

You can also use the photos captured by the Live Photos feature of the latest iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

You can download and install it now for free – we explain how to update your Apple Watch to the new watchOS 2 software in the next section.

watchOS 2 is the newest version of the software powering the Apple Watch. Customisation of the watch face with nine new colours; native third-party apps and access to sensors including a heart rate monitor are the highlights of the updated OS.

Update, 22 Sept: watchOS 2 is here at last! Apple Watch is also getting tighter calibration for outdoor walks and runs, as well as rowing and outdoor cycling.

With watchOS 2, Apple is hoping to do what it did for the iPhone in 2008: introduce third-party apps, and make it a must-have piece of technology.

A list of security updates to watchOS 2.0 can be read here.

Another feature, called Time Travel, lets you spin the Digital Crown to advance through your day, quickly seeing upcoming appointments and other changes that may be in the future, like the temperature, chance or rain and more. Nightstand mode is yet another feature added to the Apple Watch, allowing the watch face to be viewed while the device is lying on its side for charging.

Nightstand mode has also been added, which allows users to use the watch even when they do not wear it. The watch, when connected to the charger, illuminates whenever the user touches the screen.

Reboot the Apple Watch by holding both the Digital Crown and the side button down for 10 seconds.


It also means that iPhone users who take the bait will likely be using Android Wear features like Google Now and Gmail instead of Siri and Apple’s equivalents. Each time this reporter raised his wrist, a different image from the designated album appeared on the watch face.

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