Water on Mars no suprise to North Coast astronomers

While there is no conclusive answer yet, the presence of water and methane suggests that there may be microscopic beings on the planet. The scientists also said that Mars has a very different atmospheric condition, which causes the water to be unstable.


Scientists say the water is salty, which prevents it from quickly freezing or evaporating, but they are not yet sure where it comes from.

“We now have great opportunities to be on the right locations on Mars to fully investigate the existence of life on Mars“, said John Grunsfeld, NASA’s associate administrator for science missions. If we were to found that Mars has life, then the possibility for other planets in the Universe to be populated by creatures similar to us is quite high.

Video Taiwan’s news animators” take on “Water on Mars’. The new findings bring additional evidence that the disappearance of lakes and the habitability window on Mars closed more recently than previously assumed.

On Monday, NASA confirmed evidence that liquid water flows on today’s mars.

Ashwin Vasavada, project scientist for the Mars rover Curiosity, said the discovery of water is exciting, but not surprising. “This has been finally proved by the imaging spectrometer on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter”, Lin explained, as researchers detected that signatures of hydrated minerals on slopes overlapped the former mysterious streaks.

The president of the Coffs Harbour Astronomical Society, Win Howard, said even using telescopes much less powerful than the tools available to NASA, local astronomers had long thought there was water on Mars.

Scientists have known for a while that water exists as ice in the poles of the red planet. Also, the lack of craters visible on Pluto’s surface could mean the planet isn’t as old as it was believed to be.

The water on Mars discovery is one more magnificent feather in the space helmet of NASA.

Luckily, Scott learned this information after production had finished, so it was too late to scrap the film after NASA’s water discovery.


It won’t be anytime soon that space missions will be ready to put a man near the moist areas as there is no guarantee now that Earth’s microbial hitchhikers won’t harm the Martian environment if they survive the trip.

Water on Mars no suprise to North Coast astronomers