Weekend break from sales tax in these 12 states

Someone buying $150 worth of eligible clothing would avoid state sales tax on the first $100 of that purchase.


You can find a complete list of state tax-free weekends and sales-tax holidays here.

Shoppers escaped the heat and tax charges today as a part of Missouri’s annual school sales tax holiday. This extended holiday was passed as part of a larger tax cut package pushed through the legislature during a June special session. That, could save shoppers about eight-dollars on every one-hundred-dollars they spend during the weekend. Staples will have its teacher rewards program – with 2 percent back and free shipping for purchases through its website. “It’s basically the office supplies Black Friday so we’ve just been working around the clock getting everything set up and like I said making sure we’ve got everything in the shelf”. Meaning while this “holiday” is really aimed at school needs, everyone in the state can save money by shopping this weekend.

Knopp expressed a worry that the tax-free weekend might have come too late for some students, like those from out of state, since it is one week later than it was previous year.

In a similar move, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed the sales tax holiday weekend for 2015 on Thursday. “You will not catch me in the store at all during the holiday”. For example, an $80 pair of shoes with a 10 percent off coupon is $72 and is below the $75 threshold required to take advantage of the tax exemption.


The sales tax holiday does not apply to jewelry, sports equipment or clothing or footwear “designed primarily for athletic activity or protective use and not usually considered appropriate for everyday wear”, according to the Iowa Department of Revenue. Stores across the country are expecting to rake in $68 billion during the back-to-school shopping season.

Virginia's Sales Tax Holiday this weekend