Wendy Williams Says She Is ‘Very Disappointed’ With Nicki Minaj’s Response To

Justin Bieber performed for the first time on the VMA stage in 5 years.


Minaj and Mill arrived in Dubai on Tuesday, September 1.

Caught off guard: While several fans speculated that the moment may have been staged, the live stream showed Miley with a confused look on her face as she mouthed: ‘what?’ Even though she’s definitely well-aware that in addition to the discussion about the video being a symbol of Swift’s friend-collecting, it’s generated a lot of talk about its target, unlike Minaj, she stops short of the details. She stayed true to her brand of being completely unhinged, so at least she’s got that going. The Broke with Expensive Taste rapper committed the most cardinal of all sins Wednesday morning by speaking ill of pop music’s current holy trinity – Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift.

What VMAs? What drama? Drake, surprisingly favors Cyrus. “Miley, what’s good?” Cyrus responded, saying her comments were taken out of context.

Some people are Team Miley, other Team Nicki, but today, one vocal culture commentator has come out in favor of Team I Hate Everything. “He can relate to Miley – he’s been the underdog his entire life, just like Miley is in this feud”, a source told the website. The whole incident in Taylor’s opinion has been blown out of proportion.

To the audience’s surprise, Taylor Swift joins her on-stage for a performance of “The Night Is Still Young” and yep, you guessed it – “Bad Blood“.

“IT’S A CONTEST OF THE BASICS”, tweeted Banks on Wednesday.

The feud between Cyrus and Minaj began Sunday night at the VMAs. Approach to make yourself known, Tori. The latter voiced her displeasure on Twitter after the VMA nominations were released.

As Nicki, 32, brandished her gong for Best Hip-Hop video and turned to Miley to spit out her vitriol a camera was catching the Cyrus clan’s reaction. “Miley, what’s good?”


Whether or not this will result in any actual change though, we don’t know – the music industry is highly volatile and things keep happening all the time, sometimes not in the way fans were hoping.

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