What Makes BlackBerry Q10 Sold Out In A Day?

It’s time to get you out from those boring slow working blackberry handsets as Blackberry Q10 arrived in market now.  One of the biggest dreams for the die-hard fans of Blackberry converted into reality the day Blackberry Q10 got launched. Obviously this blackberry handset is also equipped with a keyboard but apart from this it’s snappy. The touch is just awesome in square shape and you can easily experience it after moving your hands over the screen. The screen size is 3.1” with 139gm Weight which makes it easy to carry.


10.1 OS is used in BB Q10 which makes it faster than other handsets. Now you can easily and quickly access your mails with this magical handset which runs out of stock in few countries on its launching day. If you will compare its working and looks from other android smart phones then it’s very sure you will find BB Q10 on top.  It’s just a miracle for the fan followers of blackberry who got bored by using those slow processing handsets.

After using this smart phone you will drop idea of purchasing any other. As every feature you require is encapsulated in this extraordinary Gadget. The battery life of Blackberry Q10 is really outstanding. Now the time of charging your mobile phones at every 5-6 Hours has gone as new Blackberry Q10 is available with more power battery.


After carrying this handset, a change in your personality can be easily judged. If you are music freak then also BB Q10 will not let you down anyway as the sound quality of this gadget is just out of this world. The surround sound will make you crazy to rock. If you are wondering to invest your precious bucks in purchasing a smart phone in which you can see all those features which can make you run with technology then BB Q10 can be the best selection for you. May be it would cost you more but it will work more than its cost.

Till now Blackberry Q10 is the most successful handset due to its outstanding features and this can be easily experienced from its online reviews. If you are scared of investing your money then no need to worry simply check online websites and get an idea from the review been posted. After checking out reviews you can easily conclude whether to invest on this great gadget or not. But I am sure you cannot control yourself after reading online reviews for Blackberry Q10 as it’s the cell phone for which people were waiting from the last many years. Try Google and you will get everything related to BB Q10.

Thus, for whom are you waiting, go to your nearby BB Store and ask them for Blackberry Q10 so as to enjoy the Fast Technology.


Apart from its beautiful looks, sleek size, extraordinary features with long life battery, you will surely get magnetize with its features and therefore you can to invest your bucks for Blackberry Q10 without worrying much.