What’s Next for the Iran Nuclear Deal?

To defend his deal with Iran Obama has used tactics with slurs targeting Jews such as, “Jewish Lobby”, “Well financed lobby”, all synonym to anti-Semitism.


A prominent opponent of the deal, Frederick Kagan, of the American Enterprise Institute, outlined this vision.

Although the text of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) refers to lifting sanctions, the Obama Administration said that sanctions can be reinstated if necessary. The agreement will extend the breakout time to approximately one year for at least the first ten to fifteen years of the agreement. Because they won’t be crushed by sanctions. “That is not easy”. He said he would not tell those officials whether to register theirapproval or disapproval” of the agreement. “The administration put more pressure on its friends in the negotiations than on the Iranians”.

For now, the Iran deal is moving ahead. Iran has already been “forced to go rogue”, for it has already been rogue since 1979 and could attack at any moment.

Like Mr. Rhodes Hillary Clinton reassured America.

Iran plans to increase oil production to 4.2 million barrels per day by the end of 2016. He said Iran should seize the chance to normalize relations with the world.

“It is certainly possible, perhaps probable, that Iran will use its additional resources and access to conventional arms to increase its support for terrorist groups”.

In the last decade, Iran did everything it could to hamper the IAEA’s inspections efforts.

Iran’s leaders expressed triumph in getting the West to back down from the sanctions.

Second: None of the realistic alternatives to the JCPOA were likely to be as effective at keeping Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. Which option would better safeguard the security of the United States, Israel and the Persian Gulf? The goal was to get Iran to the table to talks about dismantling their nuclear program.

She’s now in Washington, at the Wilson Center, and sees the Iran agreement as a beginning.

“I will never support everany opportunity to have a marriage between nuclear weapons and terorism”, Poliquin says.

The Iranian regime should not doubt our capability and willingness to respond swiftly should they attempt to break out and develop a nuclear weapon.

Senator Menendez, one of the few Democrats sane enough to reject the agreement, pointed out another problem.

Last week, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran is ready to play host to more Chinese firms once sanctions against it are lifted. While Iran supports many terrorist organizations throughout the region, its funding of Hezbollah has been most noted and criticized.

“Everything looks exactly as it was when it was captured”, Wright says. You were supporting Saddam Hussein against us. They just argue among themselves…

The new version does away with other provisions entirely. McCain proposes, would leave Iran free to pursue its nuclear ambitions. (Protecting Iran’s program is actually part of the agreement). The United States would lose, not improve, its leverage.

Unlike the United States, there was no substantial debate about the July 14 nuclear deal in the parliaments of these three countries – known as the E3 – and there was no significant political opposition either.


Maybe they need a dictionary. Indeed, the regime is the leading per capita executioner of its citizens. Critics of the deal are skeptical the country can be trusted and feel the deal alienates America’s biggest ally in the Middle East, Israel. It’s about the future of Iran politically. Mr. Carter perceived Khomeini as a religious holy man in a grassroots revolution.

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