What would it take for Trump to win?

Seven delegates chosen from the various Colorado congressional district conventions remain unpledged heading to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The 14 delegates that were up for grabs are among the state’s 18 that will go to the Democratic National Convention, also in July. That could be a problem for Trump, who could end up with delegates who are required to vote for him on the first ballot, but can switch to someone else on subsequent ballots should they desire.


“I can’t answer that question accurately because we don’t know who the Republican nominee is”, said New York State Senator John Bonacic (R-Middletown).

Trump’s new Colorado state director Patrick Davis told supporters to vote for the three delegate candidates put forward by the GOP front-runner’s campaign at Thursday’s event.

Romney-McDaniel claimed a position as Trump delegate because he won the most votes in the Republican primary.

All will be decided at the 2016 Michigan Republican State Convention this weekend.

The organizing disparity was on display Saturday morning as Colorado Republicans streamed into the arena.

“At that point, the delegate ceases to be an extra on a four-night miniseries where he or she is supposed to applaud at the right time and they become real agents of the party”, said Frank Donatelli, who was a youth organizer for Reagan.

The slate of Trump candidates Polisi was handing out listed 26 different names.

Donald Trump’s odds of winning the Republican presidential nomination were significantly damaged by his bruising loss in Wisconsin, where Sen.

In a contest that takes 1,237 delegates to win the nomination, 13 – or even the full 37 Colorado will send to Cleveland – may seem like a minuscule total. She said she wouldn’t speculate “on hypotheticals” about whether she’d change her vote if Trump didn’t get enough delegate support this summer. On the first round of voting, and sometimes the second, most delegates are required to vote for a specific candidate based on his showing back home.

In Colorado, delegates can pledge themselves to a candidate or run unbound.

In surrounding counties – including San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange – Trump has his widest lead: 45 percent to 23 percent for Cruz.

“It’s a lovely state”, Sanders said at LaGuardia Community College, on the campaign trail in NY. As of late Saturday, Trump led the race with 743 delegates, according to Associated Press estimates.


Many expect chaos at a contested convention.

Cruz supporters make a play for state delegates