When Jeb Bush Said Marco Rubio Was Prepared To Be President

The New York billionaire is also trying to deepen the wedge between Bush and Rubio, telling a crowd in New Hampshire: “They hate each other – trust me”.


This booming, overwhelmingly Republican stronghold of more than 100,000 residents spreads across 32 square miles of Sumter, Lake and Marion counties. The Bush campaign came into the election knowing that it would have to address concerns about dynasty and being considered a member of the establishment.

The shift by Bush-who had played nice with Rubio until now-underscores his allies and donors’ worries about the first-term Florida senator.

He said America’s enemies around the world include a “lunatic” in North Korea in Kim Jong Un and a “gangster” in Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Rubio was supposed to wait his turn after Bush, who many early on predicted to be the Republican nominee. He also backhanded Rubio with the worst possible diss a GOP candidate could make- Bush compared him to President Barack Obama“: “Politico. “Governor Romney is running a very good campaign right now, and he’s closed the gap, and is leading in a few polls, but I think this would be an added benefit”. Rubio never mentioned Bush by name during his standard stump speech Monday, but he might as well have.

He talked broadly about cutting regulations, expanding domestic energy production, beefing up the military, repealing Obamacare and putting greater emphasis on promoting vocational education. Asked by a questioner in Spanish about Pope Francis’s visit, Mr. Bush declined the opportunity to differ with or criticize the pope on economic issues.

Jeb is my friend”. I have tremendous respect for him as a person and as what he did for Florida as a governor.

LAUER: Let me ask you about that because clearly, your resume and your pedigree are ideal for the job of president.

“Who could have expected a candidate to surface in our party who’s broken every tradition of etiquette expected of a presidential candidate?” He appreciates Rubio’s intellect, experience and style. Three of them Kennedy, Clinton and Obama won the White House.

Donald seems to have a harder time taking criticism”.

Last week Donald Trump called the Florida politician a “clown” for a list of things ranging from his immigration policies to his hair.

“If Marco Rubio had not been in the ‘Gang of Eight, ‘ he probably would have been at the top of the polling all year“, Beck observes.

Trump said the fire marshal had told him there were 3,564 people on hand for his event in Keene on Wednesday evening – and there would have been more, but he wasn’t allowed to cram people into the aisles. But the trend lines still look far better for Rubio than Bush.

Bush, in his response, spoke of the need to work with allies in the region to defeat Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in the process of wiping out the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. He is now in fifth place, with Rubio just slightly ahead.

Now Cardenas is in the same position, serving as a fundraiser and adviser to Bush while cautioning that Rubio isn’t ready to lead the Republican ticket.


Rubio, in particular, has made many veiled comments depicting Bush – without specifically naming him – as someone with old ideas from a bygone era.

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