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After watching him officially kickoff his long-shot presidential bid in the gymnasium of his former high school, one of the likely candidates clamoring to succeed Gov. Chris Christie in the front office suggested the Republican will have to try harder convincing voters on the campaign trail of the validity of his record – at least if he wants it received better than it has been at home. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gives a speech where he announced his candidacy for United States President during an outdoor event on June 1, 2015 in Central, South Carolina. The large blocks of text on his “issues” page seem to be just plopped down without much thought. The next highest disapproval ratings were 47 percent for businessman Donald Trump and 42 percent for ex- Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, but Trump’s approval rating was 42 percent and Bush’s was 46 percent. Joining McKay at the top of the Christie campaign is Maria Comella, the governor’s longtime communications adviser and close confidante, who is becoming the campaign’s chief messaging officer. “I think that the real test of time is how we overcome those skeletons”. “I’m raging about the fact that our urban kids can’t get a good education”.


(AP Photo/Charles Krupa). A boy shoots a video of Republican presidential candidate, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at a town hall meeting in Sandown, N.H., Tuesday June 30, 2015. He says he has no intention of slowing down.

The positions haven’t helped Christie gain traction in the polls. Ken McKay, a well-regarded operative who previously has served as chief of staff at the Republican National Committee and as political director of the Republican Governors Association, has joined the Christie operation as crusade manager.

A witness said a Mexican immigrant appeared to be trying to put down a rock when three police officers shot him to death in February in Washington state, according to investigative documents released Wednesday.

“He is not afraid to voice his opinion and I like that”.

Come to find out, just 5% of those who felt Christie wasn’t a good fit for the Oval Office said so because they wanted to keep him for their own.

Christie Falsely Told A Crowd Of Anti-Gun Control Voters That He Had Nothing To Do With New Jersey’s Gun Control Measures.

Both Scott Walker and “Bobby” Jindal are running basically on the platform that they will enact the same politics nationally that have made them less popular than the mange in the states they still putatively govern. Christie’s pitch was two minutes of the candidate talking about the moment his mother died.

Now that he’s formally a candidate for president, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie enters the race to a decidedly mixed reception. The only small glimmer of personality baked into the site is Christie’s 404 page, which features him “dad dancing” on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.

“Our current sales and use tax is driving residents and companies to buy and dock their boats in other states where they can save tens of thousands of dollars”, said Sen. Expect plenty more Obama-bashing from Christie as he elbows his way into the crowded primary field.


He went on to a town hall meeting in Sandown, New Hampshire, receiving enthusiastic applause from the standing-room crowd as he arrived with his family.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie