White House Confirms Obama To Visit Roseburg Friday

I would not just stand there and let him shoot me”, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said.


In another post, answering a hypothetical question of how gunmen might be charged and sentenced, Tweety Bird argues which gun laws would apply, citing “my son, who has much knowledge in this field”.

Long said services for severely mentally troubled children are inadequate, and insurance carriers often won’t pay them. Roseburg Mayor Larry Rich told Reuters he was getting such a permit and frequently visited the pistol range near campus.

Ms Harper and her son shared an apartment outside Roseburg and investigators have recovered 14 firearms – six found at Umpqua Community College, where the killings occurred, and eight at the apartment. Current college officials did not respond to requests for comment.

Hanlin also has said police were on the scene within five minutes of the first call for help, that they reported confronting the gunman two minutes later, and that their exchange of gunfire had “neutralized” the suspect.

“It does not surprise me that students carry on campus”, he said.

At night, when his mother went to her nursing jobs, a neighbor whose bedroom was directly below Harper-Mercer’s said she frequently heard him pacing until 3 or 4 in the morning.

The Oregon legislature, the only body with the authority to regulate firearms, has proposed bills over the past several years seeking to clarify guns-in-school laws, but none passed. However, there is one topic he would gladly open up about: guns. Elsewhere, clusters of people chatted at picnic tables or near buildings.

This ambiguity has fueled a debate over the extent of control colleges have in setting their own policies and whether more law-abiding gun-carriers could subdue future killers and save lives.

Columnists and media pundits weighed in, too, though perhaps The Onion, in a satirical article it circulates after every shooting, made the point most succinctly with the headline, “No Way to Prevent This, Says Only Country Where this Regularly Happens”.

Reporters were barred from campus but taken on a brief tour.

The report says access to assault weapons with high capacity magazines “did play a major role” in the Sandy Hook massacre, alongside inadequate and uncoordinated mental health services and Adam Lanza’s extreme preoccupation with violence. He laid out his personal philosophy on the issue: “I’m a great believer (in) you don’t buy guns, don’t buy guns, you don’t buy guns”. But for my daughter?


“I don’t think there were people even in the hospital yet that needed to be seen before he (Obama) got on there and started pushing his agenda of gun control“.

Dr. Christine Seals speaks during a news conference at Umpqua Community College Monday Oct. 5 2015 in Roseburg Ore. The campus reopened on a limited basis for faculty and students for the first time since armed suspect Chris Harper Mercer killed multi