White House Petition Asks Kanye West To Drop ‘SWISH’ Next Friday

It was closed under the moderation policy, which found it in violation of We the People’s terms of participation.


In a move that perhaps only Kanye is capable of pulling, a petition has reportedly been started by the rapper in order to stop planes flying over the Hidden Hills area.

President Obama won’t be using his executive powers to force Kanye West to release his forthcoming new album “Swish” next week.

Barack Obama, the president of the United States of America, doesn’t care about the people. So far, the rapper has released three tracks, “Only One”, “FourFiveSeconds”, and “All Day“, and teased two (“Wolves” and “U Mad”).

Kanye West previously announced his new album, SWISH (fka So Help Me God), would arrive summer of 2015.

Dean indeed discussed the record on Montreality this week, but said only that the album will be released soon.

It’s been five months since Kanye West hit us with some fire and three months since he unveiled his anticlimactic album title, and now Yeezy fans are fed up.

West’s last album, “Yeezus“, was released in 2013.

All Kanye needs now is his own supermarket and his family is all set to out live the zombie apocalypse.


Maybe Obama’s just mad that West and Kim Kardashian’s latest political selfie was with Hillary Clinton.

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