White House prepares for pomp, politics of Pope Francis visit

Politicians, whether they agree or disagree with his views, are heading to Washington to see him.


During the course of his visit, Pope Francis will address Congress and the United Nations, preside over worship services, and take part in parades – none of which is particularly surprising for a visiting pontiff.

In polls by the Pew Research Center, Francis’ popularity peaked in February 2015 at 90 percent among Catholics and 70 percent in the general public.

“His face is what people want”. A Gallup poll found political conservatives upset he had gone so far – and liberals disappointed he hadn’t done more.

So where would all the people go? He has been a welcoming force for those Catholics who have strayed from the church and has provided a compassionate way for many to return. His visit is indeed welcome here amid all the problems around us.

He will calibrate exactly what he wants to say. “He has a forceful personality”.

On Thursday, Pope Francis will speak to a joint session of Congress. On Friday, he’ll be at several venues in New York City, and on Saturday during his events in Philadelphia, he’ll greet people along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and in that crowd, will be one family from Chattanooga, Tennessee, paying their respects.

The 78-year-old head of the Roman Catholic Church certainly believes the superpower should do more, and fast, to live up to its responsibilities, and is unlikely to skip the chance to urge Americans to change their decadent ways.

He followed these proclamations with real-life gestures of compassion, such as hosting the homeless for a tour and meal at the Vatican museums, and adopting a comparatively stripped-down lifestyle for a pope – using an economy auto and carrying his own travel bag.

She’ll be holding the rosary while Pope Francis gives a blessing.

Last month, a 15-year-old Philadelphia-area boy was arrested for allegedly pursuing a plot against Francis, two federal law enforcement officials said.

Francis remains popular despite discomfiting many inside and outside of the church.

The document also touches on the fight against poverty and income inequality, noting that since Pope Francis’ election in March 2013, he has attracted the world’s attention with his unique style of leadership, clear humanity and empathy and devotion to the poor. Walsh said he finds himself repeating the phrase many times each day.

“We have a pope who makes us, to put it bluntly, uncomfortable”, Kurt Martens, a canon law professor at the Catholic University of America, said in a recent talk at the Council on Foreign Relations. (“Really? What’s so cool about that?”, we asked.) “It’s cool because he actually had a motorcycle”, he said.

One of the invitees, retired Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson, made history by becoming the first openly gay episcopal bishop in 2003 and subsequently the first to divorce his gay partner in 2014, after having previously separated from his wife of 14 years.


The Vatican under Francis quickly ended a contentious investigation of USA nuns that brought grief to the bishops. And we have not seen that for a long time – especially from a religious leader. In addition to those parishioners, on September 15 the Diocese will be holding a lottery to choose 50 lucky youth to attend the Mass at Madison Square Garden.

Migrant children look through a fence as they wait permission to cross the border between Greece and Macedonia Sept. 15.'Do not abandon victims of conflicts in Syria and Iraq Pope Francis said