Who is Samantha Power?

Samantha Power is the US nominee to become Ambassador at the UN. Once she has been approved by the US Senates, Power would replace Susan Rice as the US ambassador at the UN. Samantha was nominated to this position by President Obama on Wednesday. Susan Rice will become a national security advisor replacing Tom Donilon. In an Obama administration, the post of UN Ambassador is equivalent to the Secretary of State in the Cabinet. Samantha has been an samanthapoweradvisor to Obama for a long time now and was instrumental in the Presidential election of 2008 supporting Obama. Interestingly, she was made to leave the campaign team after she made negative remarks about Hilary Clinton at that time. She was looking after the human rights office in White House till now and many feel that the interventionist US policy in Libya is a brainchild of Samantha Power.


Samantha is known to have radical views and it is she who is perceived to be behind the curtains as far as US policy on Libya is concerned. She is the wife of Cuss Sunstein, Regulatory Czar in Obama administration. Samantha is believed by many to be a proponent of humanitarian interventionist policy. This policy aims to allow US to intervene much before actual genocides and other kinds of destructions take place in a country. Of course this policy is bound by international laws as well as the spirit of multilateralism.

Samantha has been a human rights activist and has never been afraid to speak out her mind. Not many are aware of the fact that she was an intrepid journalist who has seen the horrors of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has won a Pulitzer Prize for her book that she wrote on genocide. She has been a favorite of President Obama for a long time now and though she had to quit her team after she erroneously called Hilary Clinton a monster, she was rushed to the White House to look after human rights office.

The only thing missing in her credentials till now is a diplomatic post. But now she will be a diplomat as she becomes USSamantha Power ambassador at the UN. Most senior politicians and diplomats have welcomed the move to make Samantha a US ambassador at the UN. This is because of her being a woman who has seen the evil at its worst. This is of course in reference to her stint in Bosnia and Herzegovina where she worked as a journalist to bring the horrors of genocide to the knowledge of the world.

Samantha is 42 and had a baby last year, She was born in Dublin, Ireland, and raised in US where she attended Yale as well as Harvard School of law. She was a correspondent for Time and The New Yorker as she was sent to different places like Kosovo, Rwanada, Sudan, and of course Bosnia. These are the places that were hugely affected by crises like wars and genocides.


There are many who feel that she is anti-Israel as it is reflected in many of her statements.