“Whole New Version” of Minecraft for Windows 10 Announced – GameSpot

Mojang says that Minecraft is still under development and far from finished and new features will be added to the game over time, but it did confirm that like all other versions, the Windows 10 edition will feature a survival and creative mode. The result: a standalone entry in the series which Microsoft hopes will appeal to new gamers.


The game is set to star protagonist Jesse, played by popular actor Patton Oswalt, who leads a team of friends recreating the adventures of the Order of the Stone and the slaying of an Ender Dragon, only to discover something awful which can only be resolved by finding the original members of the Order.

‘The interactive storytellers at Telltale are giving players the chance to explore their own unique interpretation of the Minecraft universe, ‘ claimed Owen Hill, chief word officer at Mojang. It’s actually pretty amusing too. While we don’t yet know what puzzles or action we’ll find in Story Mode, it’s clear that a lot of time’s been spent on making the game look authentically Minecraft-y. Together, they seek out the legendary Order of the Stone, a journey that takes them through some of Minecraft’s most ominous locations, including the Nether, the Farlands, and the End.

This post at Mojang’s blog post, which is an announcement for the beta, states that all current owners of Minecraft will be able to snag the new beta for free from the Windows 10 store. And the pig is adorable. Using its particular narrative and constructional style, Minecraft: Story Mode will present a player choices through the game which will influence the story as it plays out. Other voice actors include The Last of Us’ Ashley Johnson and Futurama’s Billy West, and the first episode is due later in 2015.


Minecraft is already available on Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Google Inc.’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android, Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Mac and iOS, Sony Corp.’s (NYSE:SNE) PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. The developer will launch a beta version of the game on July 29, the same day that Windows 10 is released publicly.

Minecraft Story Mode Trailer