Whoosh! The World’s Five Best Theme Parks

There’s nothing like a family holiday to a theme park to make some awesome memories with your kids. And, with a wide variety of rides for a variety of age groups, chances are that you might find yourself having a bit of fun, too.


Wherever you are in the world, there will be a theme park that you can plan to visit. Even if you’re not a fan of theme parks, often they are the perfect way to let the kids burn off all of that extra energy before a big day of travelling. To help you decide where the perfect place for your family to enjoy a day of rollercoasters and ferris wheels would be, here are five of the world’s best amusement parks. Warning – fun is guaranteed!

Disneyland, U.S.A.

If you’ve told your kids that you’re taking them to a theme park, chances are that they’ve already started begging to go to this one. Disneyland, in Anaheim, California, provides the quintessential theme park experience with a huge variety of rides, including iconic centres such as Tomorrowland. You’ll want to stay overnight because there’s no way that you can explore all of Disneyland in a day. If you’re heading to Florida instead, you can also check out Disneyworld – the world is your oyster here!

Chessington World of Adventures, England

Located just 19km south-west of central London, Chessington is the perfect side-trip to your London experience. Chessington is a zoo and an outdoor adventure park, featuring activities such as ropes courses, as well as a variety of exciting rides located in each of the park’s twelve ‘Worlds.’

Luna Park, Australia

While there is also a Luna Park in Melbourne, the Sydney ‘campus’ has a larger number of rides and, to be honest, a substantially less scary entrance face. Try not to make yourself sick as you are stuck up on a wall due to centrifugal force on the infamous Rotor, or have lots of fun climbing moving objects in Coney Island. And a trip to Luna Park wouldn’t be complete without a ferry ride across the picturesque Sydney Harbour, now, would it?

Legoland, Germany

Who doesn’t love Lego? A small box of Lego is a great way to keep kids occupied when you’re travelling – but, if your kids have exhausted all the possibilities of your Lego travel set, and want to take their preoccupation with the blocks to the next level, you can’t look past Legoland. The park is located in Gunzberg, roughly halfway between Munich and Stuttgart and features attractions such as Lego car racing, as well as giant Lego displays. Dads might love this one as well.

Al-Shallal Theme Park, Saudi Arabia

Located in the city of Jeddah, Al-Shallal Theme Park is a favourite with locals and tourists alike. Be sure to take a ride on the giant rollercoaster – at 34m high, it’s the highest on the Asian continent. Other features include an ice skating rink and the Amazon ride which contains a 15m high waterfall. This park is definitely not suitable for those who are scared of heights!


Frances Lucy is a theme park enthusiast from Sydney. After her cousin went on a camp with Crucamps ( she has been begging to go to Disneyland – maybe next year!