Why is Colin Kaepernick still starting? 49ers coach gets grilled at presser

Trent Dilfer, the last 49ers quarterback with four interceptions in a game, told 95.7 The Game he attributed Kaepernick’s regression Sunday to “his eyes (not) seeing the pictures clearly”.


“But at the end of the day, we’re all professionals”. Actually, he did complete four other passes, but they were to Arizona defenders, two of which took the gifts for touchdowns. His bad throws were a result of his feet not being set and sailed behind his receivers. He wasn’t hurting for a lack of targets in the game. That put running back Carlos Hyde in a bind with two rushers coming at him. No team should play to minimize a loss, and that approach failed anyway in the last two games.

York desperately wants to “win with class” and be in contention for a Super Bowl every season. And how can his problems be fixed?

This time around, Tomsula was asked if Kaepernick is will be the 49ers quarterback “no matter what happens”. While they may move on from Kaepernick eventually thanks to an incentive-based contract that made him bet on himself, it would have to take multiple bad outings for Gabbert to grab his role. “Since we’ve started this, and again, I keep going back to it, but we’re a work in progress”, he said. “It was easy for us to anticipate routes and just get a few good breaks on the ball”. Tomsula today said the emphasis this week at 49ers headquarters was preventing two blowout defeats from snowballing. A rushed, late throw was an easy interception by Tyrann Mathieu.

On defense, the 49ers might consider simplifying.

Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ owner, has seen his effusive praise of Weeden mocked. “We’re looking forward to having him back”, Smith said. “As far as a lost season, no. I would disagree with that… wholeheartedly”.

Tomsula even had to answer a question as to whether this is already a lost season. Defensive coordinator Eric Mangini is known for his complex blitzes and a system of constant adjustments.

Chryst’s offense, through three games, has been unimpressive.

Palmer threw for 311 yards and two touchdowns, both to Larry Fitzgerald.

When pressed about his plans, all McCarthy would say is, “You’ll be home for Christmas”, which would indicate the Packers will go back and forth that week.

Can the 49ers be fixed?

Then, last Sunday’s game against the Arizona Cardinals exposed Kaepernick’s shortcomings. We’re not built like other teams.

“[It’s] very hard for me to deal with”, Kaepernick said after the game.

Tomsula believes Kaepernick’s breakdowns are part of larger issues. That’s encouraging, at the very least, but the talk needs to translate to something tangible on the football field.

-RUSHING OFFENSE: D. The 49ers weren’t expected to have much success running against the Arizona defense, and they didn’t. Boldin is a possession receiver who is underutilized in the slants. There were guys open.

So how concerned is Mathieu that openly talking about these flaws will make the 49ers improve their passing game before a rematch in San Francisco on November 29?


Kaepernick finished the first half with 33 yards passing, and didn’t add to that total until 5:09 in the fourth quarter before finishing with 67 yards.

Clay Matthews tries to catch Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith during the second half of an NFL football game Monday Sept. 28 2015 in Green Bay Wis