Why Miley Cyrus Isn’t Interested in Being in Taylor Swift’s Squad

However, the bombshell of the night was when Cyrus revealed her new album called “Miley Cyrus & Her Dread Petz” for free. As she was handed a microphone by a producer, her left breast was exposed for the entire viewing audience.


Wednesday, the star responded d to a fan that she admired Nicki Minaj, but says that’s she was a better artist over her musically, “she’s great. Oh, sorry, my t*t’s out?”

The 22-year-old singer known for provocative costumes, speaking freely and drug use went on to tell that she’s very comfortable with what she’s doing right now.

Confident she had everyone’s attention, Cyrus used this time period to officially shed her “Hannah Montana” and Nicholas Sparks-actress persona.

Miley, I hope you didn’t think your VMA drama would dissipate after the awards show like small, wispy clouds in the nighttime sky.

A nipple slip, a girl fight and, of course, Kanye West were just a few of the dramatic moments seen during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards hosted by Miley Cyrus at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles Sunday evening.

Given Miley’s family was present the whole time, the family saw exactly what took place when Nicki Minaj had called out Cyrus onstage.

Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift seemed to patch things up after their Twitter beef a few weeks ago about the nominees for Video of the Year. Say: ‘This is the reason why I think it’s important to be nominated. Sounds like they were just as caught off guard as we were and didn’t even register what Minaj said until Miley sounded off. Then, sister Noah and half-brother Braison kept staring straight ahead, nonplussed.


Tori Kelly was a vocal powerhouse during her performance of “Should’ve Been Us”, ending in a cappella to a rousing applause. Naturally, the outspoken raptress who’s added nearly everyone to her long list of enemies blasted the two, as well as Taylor Swift, when she weighed in on the feud via Twitter.

Tom Oxley  NME