Why party animal Gronkowski is the smartest man in the NFL

The book also details how Patriots coach Bill Belichick asked Gronkowski in 2013 about his lifestyle: “Coach Belichick was standing right next to me and said, ‘Rob, you are one of the hardest workers I’ve seen, and you’re always working hard when you’re here, but when you’re not here…”


According to an excerpt from his new memoir, it’s Good to Be Gronk, Gronkowski hasn’t spent a dime of his salary or signing bonus, and he gets by exclusively on endorsement money from companies like Dunkin Donuts and BodyArmor. The highest paid tight end in NFL history adds that he’s been thrifty with not blowing big money on expensive cars, jewelry or tattoos, and still wears his favorite jeans from high school. “I was the guy that was just running around out there on the field trying to play as many games as possible and trying to get in as many times as possible”.

We now return to the Summer of Gronk in all of its financially sensible (and occasional Gord groin kick) glory. But maybe he should be better known for his financial responsibility.

“To this day, I still haven’t touched one dime of my signing bonus or NFL contract money”.

As for that bachelorette party, Gronkowski recalls: “There were a lot of hot, sexy Mexican ladies there, but I picked out the largest, healthiest looking one, who had to be 260 pounds, like I was”.

“The crowd exploded with laughter”.

The MMQB posted a few excerpts from the book on Monday, with one revealing that Gronkowski hasn’t yet touched any of the cash he’s earned in his five seasons with the Patriots.

It’s Good to be Gronk releases July 14th. “She loved it and definitely made it up to me later”.




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