Windows 10: Microsoft update breaks computers and forces them to keep rebooting

If you’re running Windows RT, your device won’t upgrade to Windows 10.


If you’re interested in what Microsoft has polished in this build, go ahead and download it now through the usual update process. Here’s what you need to know about Firefox for Windows 10.

The Mozilla Firefox 40 that supports Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is now available for download on the Firefox portal.

Microsoft’s latest update for Windows 10 is causing havoc for some users, forcing their PCs into an endless loop of crashes and reboots, according to reports.

The new updated and ‘streamlined feel’ of Firefox for Windows 10 makes good on Mozilla’s promise to have an updated browser as fast as they could after Microsoft’s new OS landed last month.

In addition to delivering the new cumulative update for Windows 10, Microsoft is issuing a bunch of other fixes and updates as part of its regular Patch Tuesday.

Windows 10 Mobile build 10512 screenshots have appeared online sharing some insider looks of the upcoming build. These images have been leaked on the internet through the Chinese website, Baidu.

However, other bits of information sent to and requested from Microsoft, including those associated with the company’s cloud storage service, OneDrive, and to an unknown content delivery network, have a user identification number attached. “When you have Firefox set as your default browser on Windows 10, all your Web searches from the taskbar search field will show results in the default search engine you choose in Firefox”.

There are many people out there claiming that Windows 10 is far from being a polished operating system and, unfortunately, the plethora of errors that are discovered every day somehow stand as living proof for this criticism. Hackers could also execute a code using user privileges, but these are all things of the past with the new Firefox 40.


Firefox 40 for Android automatically blocks malicious software from downloading.

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